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Limitation Periods and Covid-19

You May Still Have Time to Bring Your Claim When you are involved in a motor vehicle collision, slip and fall injury, or suffer any other civil wrong, the window of time you have to bring your claim against the at-fault party is often limited. This window is called a...

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10-Day Municipal Notice: What Injured Victims Need To Know

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. Most of them are avoidable and preventable. Upon deeper investigation, many of them are found to have been caused by someone's fault or negligence. Slip and fall accidents and motor-vehicle collisions are situations that...

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Catastrophic Injury: Know Your Rights!

Accidents happen without warning and whatever the nature of the injury, such mishaps have an impact on the physical, financial and emotional lives of victims and their families. However, when the injury is serious and the damage is permanent, the resulting trauma can...

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