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Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are the type of incident that can end absolutely without harm or with devastating aftermath. On the lower end of that spectrum, it’s easier to handle the aftermath on your own with the insurance company and without the assistance of a car accident lawyer. However, vehicle accidents that leave victims partially or indefinitely injured require the assistance of professional car injury lawyers to ensure your case is in the right hands.

Car Accident Injury Claims with Injury Lawyers

The one responsible for the car accident is liable for any damages to the victim’s vehicle and personal health, which is typically covered by their insurance company. Car accident claims in Toronto must be filed within 30 days of the accident in order to be valid. That is not much time for victims of a car accident who suffered catastrophic injuries including, but not limited to, brain and spinal cord damage. For that reason, it is important for family members, friends, or caretakers to initiate the process if the survivor is not in a condition to file a report themselves.

Here is essentially everything you need to do if you are conscious after a car accident:

  • Assess if there are any injured victims and seek emergency help,
    If there are no major injuries, suspicion of drunk driving, or vehicle damages exceeding
  • $2000, then you are not obligated to call the police and can handle the accident with the other party,
  • Call the police for all other cases,
  • Take photos of the accident site in full,
  • Move the vehicle to a safe zone,
  • Keep a record of the time of the accident, weather and road conditions, damage to the vehicle, personal injuries, speed of the vehicles upon collision, and so on. If the victims are admitted to a hospital or medical facility, a cohesive report of their injuries must be collected for reference.

If all of this sounds overwhelming, it is best to seek the help of a certified car accident lawyer in Toronto to run your case.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

What if you don’t have insurance? What if the driver liable doesn’t have insurance? The dedicated car accident attorneys at Steinmetz & Associates have worked on hundreds of local accident cases to know that each one is unique and never uncomplicated. The aftermath of a car accident can go one of a hundred different ways. Auto accident lawyers deal with hit-and-run incidents, pedestrian accidents, defective car accidents, and drunk driver incidents to name a few. The process of each case including who is liable under which circumstances and what evidence must be provided (medical, mechanical, etc.) must all be carefully assessed and considered when filing for compensation of any party. Opting for the assistance of a professional vehicle accident claim lawyer will help untangle this complicated incident so you can focus on your recovery period.

From LTD lawyers to car injury lawyers, Steinmetz & Associates personal injury lawyers firm is always at your side to tackle complex medical, legal, and insurance issues in Toronto.