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Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits Lawyer

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits, otherwise also known as Canada Pension Plan Disability (CPPD) are a type of long-term disability benefits issued to those residents who contributed to the pension plan during their active years. The process for Canada pension plan disability application is detailed and can span up to months between filing and receiving the benefits. It is often difficult to do if the physically or emotionally disabled recipient does not have proper assistance with the application process. Specialized disability pension lawyers can see through the entire process from start to finish to ensure the benefits are rightfully received.

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How To Apply For CPP Disability Benefits

In order to apply for benefits, the claimant must file the Canada pension plan disability application and be eligible to the stated requirements. The benefits cover both mental and physical disabilities and function in tandem with your long-term disability insurance coverage (group or private) (if applicable). Make sure to review a reliable CPP disability application guide before applying to avoid first-time denial over technicalities. You may submit the application personally or with the assistance of a professional disability pension lawyer. 

According to the eligibility requirements for CPP disability applications, the claimant must: 

  • Be under the age of 65,
  • Have a severe and long-term impairment as defined by CPP legislation,
  • Have contributed to the pension plan for at least 25 years in 3-4 of the past six years at or above the required level of earnings.

If you comply with the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, you may submit a written application for Canada pension plan disability benefits. It’s important to note that when applying for CPP disability benefits you will have to present a record of work history and medical history along with a medical report completed by your doctor. 


CPP Disability Benefits Lawyer

How do disability pension lawyers assist the process and work in your favor? First-timer submitters of CPP benefits applications may have difficulties with the process and necessary documents without assistance. A disability benefits attorney has overseen and handled hundreds to thousands of such applications and has a firm understanding of the entire process. They will be able to navigate technicalities unlike first-time applicants. Additionally, a disability pension lawyer may help with the reconsideration process if your CPP benefits application has been rejected the first time. The reconsideration process will involve additional documents and processes. If the application is rejected yet again, the case will have to be taken to the Social Security Tribunal of Canada. In order to not delay receiving your rightful CPP disability benefits and undergoing the stressful process, it is best to file the application with utmost precision as early on as possible with assistance of a disability benefits attorney.

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Who is eligible for Canada Pension Plan disability benefits?

The benefits under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is a monthly payment you can receive if you are under the age of 65 and have contributed sufficiently to the CPP, you have a mental or physical handicap that routinely prevents you from doing any sort of significantly gainful job, you have a disability that is long-term and indefinite in duration, or is likely to result in death.

How can CPP disability benefits help?

CPP disability payments are a base payment that provides a fixed amount of money to qualifying contributors who are unable to work due to a physical or mental impairment. It is considered as a safety net for many residents who will be able to continue living with some source of income that may be compromised as a result of their disability. During the time period that you are collecting CPP disability benefits, you can volunteer or use the time to return to school, promoting your personal growth even in a difficult period of your life.


Should I apply for CPP disability if I’m pursuing LTD?

You will most likely be able to collect both CPP disability benefits and long-term disability benefits at the same time, however, the amount will commonly be deducted from the LTD benefits claim. It is even recommended to apply for CPP benefits during the period that your LTD case is processing since you will need some source of financing for the time being. LTD cases can span anywhere from a few months to upwards of a year which is why it’s best to not put off applying for CPP benefits.

What are the minimum CPP contribution requirements?

The minimum valid contribution required to be eligible for CPP disability payments from 2019 and onwards is $5700 per year. Your CPP disability benefit is determined based on your contributions, which simply means that the more you earn, the more you contribute — and the larger your CPP disability pension payments will be. Additionally, it is necessary to have contributed during at least four of the past six years to be eligible for benefits within the framework of the Minimum Qualifying Period (MQP).

What kind of evidence helps with winning a CPP disability appeal?

All evidence demonstrating the severity and implications of an applicant’s disability should be collected and presented in your claim. This includes evidence that backs up information such as a medical condition that results in significant impairments, limits, or restrictions or one that prevents you from working part-time or full-time, proof that additional specialist referrals or therapy are unlikely to result in further recovery. Doctor’s reports, physiotherapist evaluations, and other evidence of an applicant’s willingness to improve their situation may all be useful in an appeal.

How can a lawyer help with CPP disability claims?

Opting to work with a personal injury lawyer can help take a significant load off your shoulders when it comes to your CPP disability claim. They can handle anything from initial consultations to determine whether or not you will be eligible for benefits to filing the claim and appealing it if the claim is denied. It’s optimal to get in touch with your personal injury lawyer from the very beginning to ensure they oversee the entirety of your case.

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