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Long-term Disability Lawyers in Toronto

Long-term disability lawyers, otherwise known as disability insurance lawyers, are there to help individuals who are denied disability insurance and other assistance. The seasoned disability lawyers based in Ontario at Steinmetz & Associates are here to protect local claimants with their cases.

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All About Long-term Disability

(LTD) Lawyers Benefits

When an individual experiences a catastrophic accident or disease that prevents them from returning to work, they can start a claim for long-term disability (LTD) benefits to receive their pre-injury income to cover medical care, home care, rehabilitative care, and other essential expenditures. LTD benefits are either received from the employer or via a private insurance provider. In either case, it’s possible that these individuals are denied their rightful financial assistance due to minor discrepancies in the process. That is where a skilled long-term disability insurance lawyer comes to assistance. The long-term disability lawyer you opt for should have expertise in litigating disability income insurance claims from a private provider or should grasp how provincial and federal legislation applies to these cases. LTD lawyers assist the injured and disabled individuals in the process of repealing the denial.

The most common cause of LTD benefits denial that disability lawyers in Toronto face is when employers deny the diagnosis of the injury or illness put forward by the doctor. That is because, in the case of physical impairments, the full nature of the disability is often not immediately visible. Such examples include mental health concerns or chronic pain during which it is more difficult to demonstrate that an individual is suffering or unable to work. Individuals that fall under the latter category are unfortunately more likely to require the assistance of a long-term disability lawyer in order to receive their benefits. Additionally, the current state of the injured party may not allow them or their family to properly claim their benefits due to the complex application process. Keep in mind that the majority of long-term benefits claims take anywhere from 2-3 months to half of a year in order to be approved. When the claimant is denied, they will have a set period of time to gather more documentation as proof to appeal the claim. This process is stress-inducing, intricate, time-sensitive, and often requires further medical opinions, which is the primary reason individuals refer to the help of long-term disability lawyers to execute the process according to necessary protocol.


What an LTD Lawyer Can Do For Your Claim?

Steinmetz & Associates’ Personal injury lawyers in Toronto are prepared to take on your case to ensure you get the coverage you need. Whether you were fully denied or received benefits for a period of time and then the coverage was terminated, an LTD lawyer will take a closer look at the criteria for receiving the insurance to determine the circumstances of the denial. Employers and insurance companies alike may be taking advantage of the difficult time in your life to make receiving your rightful benefits even more complicated than necessary. Our long-term disability benefits attorneys will aim to obtain appropriate compensation and assistance for the physical, emotional, and mental stress caused by an accident, injury, or disease.

You may be wondering, “can I apply to receive LTD benefits independently or do I need to refer to a long-term disability lawyer near me” The majority of claimants apply on their own, but make discrepancies in the application process that can result in immediate denial. There is not much a long-term disability lawyer can do if you submitted an insufficient application. Refer to a long-term disability lawyer in Toronto to discuss how to initiate your claim accurately and efficiently.

Steinmetz & Associates’ long-term disability lawyers in Toronto will assist you in completing claim forms, as well as examining your medical records and proposing any further doctor visits or medical tests that may strengthen your claim. Consultations with one of our LTD lawyers is recommended in order to avoid the traps that insurance companies may use to reject your coverage. If your claim is refused, establishing your condition’s continued eligibility and submitting an administrative disability appeal as soon as possible can assist. Your long-term disability attorney will advise you how to prepare evidence and get expert witness testimony. If required, you can take the case to court with the assistance of our seasoned long-term disability lawyers in Toronto.

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What Information Is Required On My Disability Claims Form?

In order to file an eligible claim for long-term disability benefits, you will need to fill out a variety of forms with valid and in-depth information regarding your current condition. The types of forms include but aren’t limited to a consent form, a physician’s report, employee’s long term disability application, direct deposit authorization form, and psychological physician’s statement. Seeking help from a personal injury lawyer can help you understand precisely what information is needed to construct a strong case and receive your benefits as soon as possible.

What Type Of Disability Qualifies For Long Term Disability Benefits?

Believe it or not, there is a lengthy list of long-term disabilities among individuals that qualify you for benefits, including both mental and physical impairments. To state a few, cancers such as breast cancer, lung cancer, and leukemia, along with other disabilities such as type 1 diabetes, lupus, stroke, epilepsy, heart diseease, depression, and anxiety are among the most common dieseases which qualify you for LTD benefits. Keep in mind that the benefits for these stated disabilities comes in the form of medical treatment coverage, help regaining the ability to return to work, and/or replacement of lost wages.

Difference Between Individual And Group Disability Insurance?

Many businesses provide group short and long-term disability coverage to full-time employees as a work benefit to assist with income in the case of incapacity. There are several distinctions between group and individual coverage. Your employment is linked to your group disability coverage. The coverage is not transferable if you change or lose your employment. The cost of group insurance might also vary from year to year. Individual disability insurance often have higher premiums but provide greater benefits. Group benefits, on the other hand, cover all qualified employees, regardless of health.

Do I Need A Lawyer To Handle My Long Term Disability Insurance Claim?

A personal injury lawyer is not mandatory in the case of filing and handling a LTD benefits claim, but it is recommended. In your current situation, it’s best to secure financing for your treatment and lost wages as soon as possible. Claimants who file their own reports often make errors in the application or are easily rejected due to discrepancies. In order to avoid a lengthy waiting period or premature rejection, it’s best to allow a lawyer to handle the claim. A long-term disability attorney may also be able to assist you in identifying any potential concerns or complexities that may develop while you apply for LTD. This might involve particular difficulties with your coverage and your health, and an attorney can assist you in building your case around such issues in order to minimize their impact.

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