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8 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Do you find yourself wondering when to hire a personal injury lawyer or the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer if any? Many people firmly believe that they can file their own inquiries for a personal injury and gain compensation without legal assistance. While it’s possible and can be a good choice for some lighter cases, a lot of claimants are also rejected for something as small as discrepancies in the application. The role of a personal injury lawyer is actually quite immense, especially during a time in your life when you sustained a serious injury and need to concentrate on your recovery. Let’s understand why the best time to contact a personal injury lawyer is immediately after sustaining an injury at the negligence of another party.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

  1. No more discrepancies in applications — did you know that many claimants face premature rejection of their personal injury claims because they didn’t fill out the application correctly? It happens more often than not. One of the roles of a personal injury lawyer is to file your application correctly if you opt for their assistance from the very beginning of your case.
  2. Close your case quicker — Personal injury settlement cases can last anywhere from a few months to 1-2 years and there is no guarantee that you will have a short or long case. That depends on the existing evidence for each party. However, a skilled lawyer has significant experience and will know the possible ways to get your rightful compensation as quickly as possible without the need to arise for your case to be taken to court.
  3. Negotiate fair compensation — in every personal injury lawsuit, you will be up against an opposing side who will aim to deny the guilt or minimize the monetary compensation that their insurance company will be required to pay you. Having a dedicated lawyer for your case is optimal for negotiating a settlement that is maximally fair.
  4. Concentrate on recovery — Sustaining a personal injury, especially something as traumatizing as a car accident or brain injury requires weeks to months to recover physically and mentally. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer you can get is being able to concentrate on your rehabilitation while your case is handled in the meantime. Rest and recover from your injury instead of running around to gather evidence and fill out inquiries.
  5. Has the expertise for the situation — Chances are the personal injury lawyer has handled dozens to hundreds of similar cases to yours. They know the ins and outs of local policy and how to handle different cases based on the type of injury. This can be the difference between being granted or rejecting your rightful compensation.
  6. Can represent you in court if necessary — If a personal injury case is not settled between two parties, it can be taken to court. That will be a more lengthy process and needing a lawyer at that point is necessary. Your lawyer will be well-informed of the case if it is taken to court.
  7. Specialized in certain injuries — A personal injury lawyer typically doesn’t cover all practice areas on their own. One may specifically be a catastrophic injury lawyer and the other may be a long-term disability lawyer and so on but they can both also have knowledge of slip and fall injuries. That is due to the fact that something like a spinal cord injury is serious and the cases are more complicated, requiring undivided attention. That’s why you can opt for a lawyer that is specialized in the practice area that you need for your case to get the most out of the experience.
  8. Even the odds — there’s a good chance the party who is held liable has a lawyer of their own to prove innocence or minimize the financial dues. Without a personal injury lawyer of your own, it will be difficult to navigate through the case and reach a settlement that benefits you if you don’t have a professional on your side as well.

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Is It Worth Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney?

It’s no secret that any time you think about opting for a lawyer that the services will hit the bank. That is what leaves many people questioning if they need to work with a lawyer or abstain from it until it’s absolutely necessary. So are there any financial benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer? Believe it or not, there are. For one, you can decide to work with a lawyer which charges a contingency-based rate. That means you will only be charged a fixed percentage of the earnings from the settlement only after the case is won. That rate can be anywhere around a couple of percent of the total earnings. This way, you won’t need to pay an hourly rate and only pay when you receive your share of fair compensation.

If you’re wondering when to hire a personal injury lawyer, the right answer is always as soon as possible. Steinmetz & Associates are prepared to help you secure your rightful compensation for any type of personal injury. Simply get in touch with us today to learn more.