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What Our Personal Injury Lawyers Offer .

Negotiating and battling insurance agencies or employers for your rightful compensation is a difficult task to handle on your own, especially if you’ve sustained a major personal injury. That is where a personal injury attorney acts as a lifeline to support victims in those difficult times by taking all operations off their shoulders. If you are looking for personal injury lawyers in Toronto and the GTA with years of expertise in their suitcase, then you’re already in the right place. By trusting Steinmetz & Associates with your case, you are provided with:

Litigation for personal injury law firm


You receive a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer dedicated to your individual case. An appointment is booked within 24 hours of your call. Our personal injury lawyers consult in all cities and towns in the Province of Ontario.

Basic Rules applying for persona injury lawyer assistance

Basic Rules

Top personal injury lawyers do not ask for clients to pay upfront fees or disbursements when we take on your case. We will hire the relevant medical experts we need to successfully represent you and will pay for all reports. These costs will later be recovered from the insurance company.

personal injury lawyers approach toward clients and cases


We represent accident and personal injury victims throughout the province of Ontario. We make home and hospital visits. Our retainer is explained to you so that you fully understand what we are going to do for you, and what fees we will be paid upon the successful conclusion of your case.

Client Confidentiality

Client Confidentiality

Our entire time of personal injury lawyers and paralegals respect your right to privacy, and we assure the full assuring confidentiality, you will make full and frank disclosure about your case. You have the right to keep confidential communications and information that you and our firm share private.

Our Personal Injury Services .

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Toronto

Wrongful Death Lawyer


Motor Vehicle Accidents Injury Lawyer

Motor Vehicle Accidents Lawyer

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Who we are .

Our team of lawyers and paralegals aims to achieve justice for personal injury victims in the Greater Toronto Area and across Ontario. The philosophy of our personal injury lawyers is simple — our clients come first & we work diligently to achieve the most favorable outcome. We do everything in our power to make your recovery process hassle-free and without additional headaches from insurance companies and offenders.

Testimonials .

Mylene de Guzman

We first met Mr. Steinmetz at a very difficult time for our family, when our family member had just experienced a catastrophic injury, which was compounded by the fact that we reside in British Columbia. Mr. Steinmetz met with us promptly, and went out of his way to visit us in the hospital, to explain the situation in a succinct and compassionate manner. Over the next several years, Mr. Steinmetz and his well-organized team continued to communicate with us regularly, answering our questions and giving us the assurance we needed that our case was, indeed, being prioritized and handled with the expertise we had grown to rely on.

Mr. Steinmetz and his team achieved a fair and reasonable settlement on behalf of our family member, and Mr. Steinmetz himself, presented our case with superior professional skills and tenacious advocacy. As a member of the legal profession in British Columbia, I know what it took for Mr. Steinmetz to achieve the result that he did, and for his support of our family, we are forever grateful. We would not hesitate to commend the services of Harry Steinmetz and his firm, to all who may find themselves in similar difficult circumstances, knowing that they are in exceptional hands.

Lois W

I acted as the litigation guardian for Andrew L. who sustained a brain injury and numerous fractures in a motor vehicle accident that occurred in February 2005. The investigating police officer and eyewitnesses to the accident initially blamed Andrew L. for the collision claiming he went through a red light at an intersection and was solely at fault for the accident. The other drivers insurance company in turn refused to pay Andrew anything for his serious injuries. Despite this evidence, Andrews lawyer, Harry Steinmetz, pursued a claim for damages against the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident and fought the lawsuit against that drivers insurance company for over 6 years. At the eve of trial, Harry was able to secure a settlement of $ 1.3 million dollars on behalf of Andrew L. Harry kept me informed of all important legal matters throughout the course of the litigation and worked diligently on Andrews behalf to ensure he obtained the best possible result for his client. The settlement Harry negotiated on behalf of Andrew far exceeded my expectations given the liability problems he faced. Andrew L. and I are forever grateful for the settlement Harry was able to achieve in this case. Thank you.

V. Singh

Harry Steinmetz has been handling serious catastrophic cases that were referred to him because of his expertise in handling personal injury cases. On numerous occasions our clients expressed their gratitude for the industrious work that he has done for them. Besides being a specialist in civil litigation , Harry Steinmetz is an excellent negotiator when dealing with settlements and dispute resolution, always putting his clients interest first and getting the maximum compensation for his clients. If your have been injured, you will be well advised to speak to Harry before you sign the retainer of any other lawyer.

Sutha & Jay

Just wanted to say quick thank you to you and your team who helped me thru the last four hard years I had. You and your team were very efficient/helpful with answering Jay and my questions in timely manner


I was injured and Harry was their whole time making sure that all of my legal needs were met. There was time when I thought that my case was not going to end up in my favour, Harry still fought for me. After a time, I found that at the end, Harry delivered on his word and got me a settlement that I thought was never going to happen. Was one of the best decisions I have ever made to have him represent me.

Carlos Melo

I would like to thank Mr. Steinmetz and his team for their hard work and detail to attention. Throughout this entire process Harry and his team provided me with the information and advised me thoroughly of next steps from beginning to end. The team set realistic settlement expectations and made sure that I had peace of mind while going through this process. I am in a great position personally and look forward to a bright future because of the guidance and settlement outcomes provided by the Steinmetz team. Forever grateful!

Harbeer Sekhon

Dear Mr. Steinmetz,
With George’s help, I have put together my thoughts.

special thank you for all your help over the years. I know it’s your job, but it’s my life, and I feel you went above and beyond and I just want to express my appreciation. I am writing this letter to you to express my most sincere thanks for the most professional representation. You have stuck by me through the years in dealing with this very stressful case. I admire your composure, work ethic, and most of all your excellent representation. I feel I have won my life back because of you despite the circumstances. If only the Justice system had more attorneys like you, the world will have more survivors than victims. Your office team, in particular Caroline Bonaci Kerr, Tammy Cluett, and Jackie Calderon have, at every opportunity, gone completely off the charts to assist me with any and all issues I have faced during this difficult journey. 

Your forward-thinking legal strategies, negotiation skills, and above all your compassion has humbled me beyond words. I want you to know after the third year or so, the relationship lines have blurred and you are family to me than an injury lawyer. 

“When eating fruit, I remember the one who planted the tree.” 
I wish you success in all endeavors. 

Shalom berakhah ve – tovah. Biz hundert un tsvantsik

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Steinmetz & Associates’ Response to COVID-19

We at Steinmetz & Associates continue to monitor the rapidly evolving developments with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to assure our clients that although our physical offices are closed, we continue to work on your behalf remotely and are available for any questions or inquiries you may have. We have implemented procedures and technology to enable us to continue to address the needs of our clients.

Ontario Superior Court of Justice operations have been suspended until further notice. Complete information can be found at https://www.ontariocourts.ca/scj/covid-19-suspension-fam/. All civil matters scheduled to be heard on or after Tuesday March 17, 2020 have been adjourned. Plans are being made to address rescheduling any court dates that have been affected. We will work to ensure our clients’ matters are brought forward or rescheduled as soon as the courts begin scheduling dates once again.

We will continue to evaluate the situation on an ongoing basis and hope to return to our offices in the near future.

We wish everyone the best during these difficult times.

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