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Slip & Fall Accident Lawyers

Emergency rooms and doctors’ clinics are most often visited by people who have been injured in a slip and fall accident or even a trip and fall accident. These can be caused by ice and snow or because of cracked pavement or poorly maintained stairs. These accidents can cause serious injuries and the victim’s first course of action should be to seek immediate medical assistance. The second course of action should be to refer to a slip and fall lawyer in Toronto to assess your claim and help secure appropriate compensation.

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Slip And Fall Case Law in Ontario

Under Ontario’s Occupier’s Liability Act, property owners must ensure that their premises are reasonably safe for all those who visit them. If there are unsafe areas, adequate warning signs and prior notice must be given. Most accidents are caused by the negligence of the owners or the contractors they have hired, and a lawsuit may be filed to hold them responsible and ensure they provide appropriate compensation for injuries.

There are several complex medical, legal, and insurance issues involved in these kinds of accidents. In certain cases, especially when making a claim against a municipality, the claimant must act quickly if they hope to get compensation for their loss. At Steinmetz & Associates, we can help you advance a claim and obtain the compensation to which you are entitled with the assistance of our seasoned slip and fall lawyers in Toronto.


How a Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help

Here are a few frequently asked questions our slip and fall lawyers in Toronto are asked often and how they can help.

How long after a slip and fall can you sue?
The slip and fall limitation period Ontario is up to 2 years from the time of the incident. However, there are two other time periods you must be aware of. First, If you fall on municipal property, such as a sidewalk or other public property, you must inform the municipality within 10 days after the event or you may lose your right to sue later. Second, if you are injured due to snow or ice on private property, you must also give notice to the property owner of the fall within 60 days. Consult with a slip and fall lawyer immediately in order to not lose your window of opportunity to claim for compensation and know the exact terms of how long after a slip and fall can you sue depending on your specific case.

What is Toronto pothole compensation?
Similar to the case above, potholes are considered municipal property and you will have a limited liable period of time to file a claim if you were injured as a result of driving over or tripping on a pothole on city roads or municipal property. In order to receive compensation, you will still need to prove the city was negligent. It is best to opt for the assistance of a slip and fall lawyer to execute the slip and fall negligence claim against the municipality to increase your chances of winning the case and ensuring you comply with the Ontario Limitations Act.

Can you sue for falling on ice?
Undoubtedly, Ontario faces one of the harshest winters in North America each year, which makes slip and fall accidents on ice, snow, and sleet very common. What appears to be an everyday minor accident can still result in a legal claim if you have been injured. If your slip and fall accident occurred on municipal property, this will require filing a claim against the city. The owner of the property can be held liable if the victim is sufficiently injured and can prove the city was responsible for the fall. Proving this will often require weather reports, CCTV footage, detailed photographs of the fall area, victim testimonials, and so on. To ensure the best chance of success and guarantee you are gathering the right information and evidence, it is best to opt for the assistance of a slip and fall lawyer in Toronto.

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How much is my slip and fall case worth?


A legitimate slip and fall claim is often worth at least the number of your medical expenses as a result of the accident. You may reasonably presume you’re entitled to at least that much paid on behalf of the negligent party. However, you may also be entitled to compensation for “pain and suffering.” The typical compensation amount in Canada might range anywhere between $15,000 and $30,000.

What are the first steps I should take after slipping and falling?

The first thing any individual should do in an accident despite the severity (whether it’s a slip and fall or a car accident), is to worry about their wellbeing. Your first priority should be to assess your injuries and seek immediate medical attention. If your injuries are severe, it’s important to get admitted to a medical facility that will also provide a record of the pain and suffering you have been inflicted with as it will act as evidence later on. Report the incident or ensure someone reports it on your behalf if you are not capable of doing so yourself, assess the situation to determine if the accident was a result of another party’s negligence, then finally, contact your attorney.

What should you do if you’re injured on a neighbor’s or friend’s property?

If you are hurt on someone’s property, they are liable under Ontario’s Occupiers’ Liability Act. An ‘occupier’ can be a property owner, a renter, or someone who has responsibility for or control over a property and the activities that take place there. ‘Occupiers’ include businesses, towns, industries, and private persons. You choose whether or not you will decide to sue the person for your slip and fall injury and you are entirely granted the right to file a claim.

Can I file a claim for a pelvis fracture after a slip and fall accident?

Any type of physical or mental pain and suffering inflicted from a slip and fall accident is eligible for compensation by the negligent party if the evidence is sufficient. If you have acquired a pelvic fracture during the accident and have medical records to support the statement, then the chances are great that you will be able to construct a strong case with the assistance of your personal injury lawyer and collect your compensation.

How long do slip and fall settlements normally take?

A slip and fall case is no different from other personal injuries. That means your case falls in line with the average timeline of most settlements in Canada which can range from a few months to a few years depending on a variety of factors. Typically, a slip and fall case results in minimal injuries or risks to the individual’s health, which may assist you in settling the case sooner. That may not be the case if the insurance company or negligent party is not willing to easily settle the case. Keep in mind that each case is unique. 

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