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Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

The seemingly unlikely event of a dog bite can actually cause significant injury for which around 500,000 people in Canada make a claim each year. Victims can sustain serious injuries ranging from physical to psychological from dog attacks, which may result in their absence from work or school for a few days or also a prolonged period of time. In these situations, the owner of the dog is liable for compensating the victim for their trauma. However, not every claimant receives their rightful compensation, which is where a personal injury lawyer specialized in handling dog bite cases is necessary.

How A Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help

There are a variety of dog attack injuries that can be sustained in an encounter with a vicious or poorly trained dog. The most common dog attack injuries include, but aren’t limited to: broken bones, rabies, muscle and tissue damage, face and neck injuries, and dog bite crush injuries. A dog bite crush injury is one that can cause physical trauma such as internal bleeding, extensive bruising, infection, and nerve damage. Children are most likely to be a victim and sustain dog attack injuries, but a dog bite personal injury lawyer handles the case for all age groups who may be entitled to rightful compensation.

If you’re wondering “do I need a lawyer for a dog bite?” the answer for the majority of cases is yes. The consequences and liability of the dog attack fall on the owner or the homeowners insurance that covers pets as well. As a claimant, you will be facing insurance companies who will push for less compensation or rejection of liability in general. A dog bite injury lawyer already acquires the experience and skill set of handling similar cases and will strengthen your claim. If, in fact, the owner of the dog is prepared to negotiate compensation, you may still settle and receive less than what you are owed within the standards of Ontario law. The personal injury lawyers with experience in dog bites at Steinmetz and Associates have seen many such cases of disproportionate or poor compensation. The pet owner may offer to cover a few hundred dollars to assist in recovery when a judge may request compensation on your behalf upwards of $20,000 if appropriate. In any case, it is optimal to see the help of a dog bite lawyer in Toronto and the GTA to assist your case.

Dog Bite Injury Claims Demand Letter

Claimants and victims of dog attack injuries will be required to submit a dog bite injury demand letter to the dog owner so that they can make a claim with their insurance company. In certain circumstances, the victim may even make claims against the city or an organization and direct their dog bite injury demand letter towards them instead of an individual. While many people try and find a template for such a letter online, these can be filled with errors, laws or regulations that do not apply in Ontario, or outdated information. It is best to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer instead, like the dog bite lawyers at Steinmetz and Associates in Toronto.

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