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Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

A catastrophic injury is simply defined as that: a life-altering injury that results in irreversible trauma to the victim, impeding them from regular daily activities. Types of injuries sustained can include but are not limited to paraplegia or quadriplegia, amputation of an arm or leg, total loss of vision in both eyes, brain and spinal cord impairments, and debilitation chronic pain. That’s where the interference of a catastrophic injury lawyer becomes necessary to ensure the victim receives their rightful dues.

Catastrophic Injury Settlements in Ontario

A catastrophic injury can range in causes from catastrophic car accidents to pedestrian collisions and boating accidents. How much compensation can you expect from catastrophic injury settlements in Ontario? If you sustained a catastrophic injury, regardless of whether someone else was at fault, you may be eligible for the following benefits: up to a million dollars in medical and rehabilitative benefits, attendant care benefits in the amount of $6000 per month, weekly housekeeping and home upkeep of up to $100, benefits of up to $250 per week for caretakers, educational expenses of up to $15,000 for education costs spent for schooling that must be suspended in the event of the accident.

The term “catastrophic injury” has special significance for those injured in automobile accidents. To meet the definition in such cases, a licensed doctor must complete and submit form OCF-19 (“Application for Determination of Catastrophic Impairment”). The OCF-19 has to meet the Statutory Accident Benefits Scheme requirements for the injured person to qualify for statutory benefits in Ontario. In order for the victim to collect their catastrophic injury settlements in Ontario, they not only need to have an evidence-based claim but need to do it quickly to access proper compensation. It is difficult for victims and their families during the initial phase of trauma from the catastrophic injury. In order to file the catastrophic personal injury case in a timely manner and get the resources needed to support the victim as soon as possible, it is recommended for immediate relatives of the victim to seek the help of a catastrophic injury lawyer in Toronto.

How A Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Catastrophic injury lawyers are essentially personal injury lawyers who can assist car accident victims in cases when the injuries cause immense damage. Even if the accident was not the fault of another or you were deemed at fault, you can still seek compensation from your own insurer for a catastrophic injury. Since catastrophic personal injury cases propose long-term, often lifetime, treatment with the possibility of no full recovery, insurance companies and employers are often very hesitant to provide the resources and compensation to which you are entitled. That is where the services of a professional catastrophic injury lawyer becomes a necessity. At Steinmetz & Associates, our specialized catastrophic injury lawyers can help make sure that you meet these requirements and are not unfairly denied. We are familiar with the necessary tests and assessments that must be conducted to prove catastrophic impairment. We can make sure that the extent of your injury is properly laid out in the OCF-19 and that you obtain the benefits you are entitled to receive.

From long-term injury lawyers to car injury lawyers, Steinmetz & Associates personal injury lawyers firm is always at your side to tackle complex medical, legal, and insurance issues in Toronto and the GTA.