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What is the Personal Injury Claim Process?

Filing a personal injury claim in Ontario is a lengthy process that may span anywhere from a few months to years. The average duration from start to finish is around 1.5 years. When you opt to let a personal injury lawyer handle your case, they will handle the preliminary processes related to collecting evidence, building the case, and filing the claim. Afterward, your case will be looked at by a mediator who will work towards a fair verdict with the given evidence and a mutually agreed settlement between the parties. If the case is not settled at this point, then the pre-trial process will be initiated and the case will be prepared to be taken to court. You and your personal injury lawyer will need to follow the proper local protocol for taking your case to court. Most personal injury cases are resolved before they are taken to court but complex cases with conflicting evidence are often taken to trial if a mutually agreed settlement is not established. All of those processes impact the cycle and timeline of case settlements.