I acted as the litigation guardian for Andrew L. who sustained a brain injury and numerous fractures in a motor vehicle accident that occurred in February 2005. The investigating police officer and eyewitnesses to the accident initially blamed Andrew L. for the collision claiming he went through a red light at an intersection and was solely at fault for the accident. The other drivers insurance company in turn refused to pay Andrew anything for his serious injuries. Despite this evidence, Andrews lawyer, Harry Steinmetz, pursued a claim for damages against the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident and fought the lawsuit against that drivers insurance company for over 6 years. At the eve of trial, Harry was able to secure a settlement of $ 1.3 million dollars on behalf of Andrew L. Harry kept me informed of all important legal matters throughout the course of the litigation and worked diligently on Andrews behalf to ensure he obtained the best possible result for his client. The settlement Harry negotiated on behalf of Andrew far exceeded my expectations given the liability problems he faced. Andrew L. and I are forever grateful for the settlement Harry was able to achieve in this case. Thank you.
Harry Steinmetz is a seasoned litigator and negotiator that will fight tirelessly to get you what you deserve. As a lawyer myself, it was imperative that I go with the best in the business when I had a debilitating car accident. Harry was there step by step throughout the litigation process not just as a lawyer but a friend. At Steinmetz & Associates you are not treated like just a case, but like a human being. Thank you to Harry and his team for getting me through one of the most difficult times of my life.
Mr. Steinmetz has been handling my mother’s case with care and professionalism. He has always been very thorough, knowledgeable and objective. Due to his hard work and determination, he was able to get my mother the maximum benefits for her case. Prior to retaining my Mr. Steinmetz, my mother’s case was handled by another law firm that quite frankly was not doing the job and they would only make promises to my mom that were never kept. Eventually, the insurance company cut off my mom’s benefits. She almost ended up being homeless, all of her saving were gone and her condition had worsen given all the added financial stresses. About two years after my mom’s accident, we were referred to Mr. Steinmetz by pure miracle, as we had given up and thought my mom would never get her benefits back. Mr. Steinmetz took my mom’s case without hesitation, got all the documents in order and within 16 months he got my mom’s benefit reinstated and got the other insurance company (of the vehicle that hit my mom) to pay a compensation to my mom. Our family is grateful that Mr. Steinmetz took my mom’s case and for ensuring that my mom got the maximum benefit. Thanks to his hard work, my mom was able to pay all the debts that she had accumulated during the time her benefits were cut off and she was able to get her home back. We would recommend Mr. Steinmetz services to anyone that is going through the same situation.
Harry Steinmetz has been handling serious catastrophic cases that were referred to him because of his expertise in handling personal injury cases. On numerous occasions our clients expressed their gratitude for the industrious work that he has done for them. Besides being a specialist in civil litigation , Harry Steinmetz is an excellent negotiator when dealing with settlements and dispute resolution, always putting his clients interest first and getting the maximum compensation for his clients. If your have been injured, you will be well advised to speak to Harry before you sign the retainer of any other lawyer.
Just wanted to say quick thank you to you and your team who helped me thru the last four hard years I had. You and your team were very efficient/helpful with answering Jay and my questions in timely manner
I was injured and Harry was their whole time making sure that all of my legal needs were met. There was time when I thought that my case was not going to end up in my favour, Harry still fought for me. After a time, I found that at the end, Harry delivered on his word and got me a settlement that I thought was never going to happen. Was one of the best decisions I have ever made to have him represent me.
I would like to thank Mr. Steinmetz and his team for their hard work and detail to attention. Throughout this entire process Harry and his team provided me with the information and advised me thoroughly of next steps from beginning to end. The team set realistic settlement expectations and made sure that I had peace of mind while going through this process. I am in a great position personally and look forward to a bright future because of the guidance and settlement outcomes provided by the Steinmetz team. Forever grateful!